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Holding the light

The light has been returning for weeks now, and my antennae have busily searched everyday for little glimpses of it. How important does sunshine become, when we live in such a grey land? I have sniffed it out, every last droplet of light, woman-made or otherwise, that moves across the house, across the valley. From candlelit breakfasts in January, to improvised frisco-disco evenings after supper, and coloured rainbow sunshine¬†dancing across the dog – I love it all. The holding close of light is passing….there will soon be an abundance of it, bursting all around us – to bathe in, sing in, enjoy all day and long into evenings too. And it always feels like a miracle that I am most humbly grateful to be alive and unfolding in.


1 Amanda Clark { 03.10.11 at 12:20 am }

I can feel and smell spring in the air! We have had a couple of joyful sunny days to bring the flowers out and Blue Bell our rabbit has got loads of jumping and leaping energy. Love your blog! XXX

2 Jaine { 03.16.11 at 12:42 pm }

Hi Amanda, glad you found me! Oh, I could do with some of Bluebells leaping energy – could you post me some? Thanks for your lovely words! Jaine xx

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