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And today’s challenge is…..

Oh I do love a challenge (if it is Tuesday and the moon is waning in Taurus, otherwise no), and there’s nothing quite like the manic excitement of the sun coming out for 10 minutes, and the ensuing summer madness and activity that follows in its wake. Its the sort of challenge that is on a par with how many people can you fit in a Mini. Or how many donuts can you scoff in a minute. Or how much washing can you dry on the line before it rains again. Oh these lazy summer days, I am loving them. Hmmmmm.

Grab camera, quick shot of some flowers looking pretty in sunlight, just to remind myself what that actually does look like.

Then a mad dash around to my front garden to scrabble around for some gooseberries and blackcurrants….which makes me feel like a real gardener, proper paid up member of the fruit and vegetable club! (although they havnt sent me my badge yet).

Hey, take a look at these babies….I had forgotten I planted them……pink goosegogs….how about that? I should get an extra shiny badge for those….

And then the inevitable…..come in number 27….your time is up!

The nasty dark clouds of badness roll in, and it is back to the kitchen to inspect those pink gooseberries and make some beeswax balm, as you do, when your summer is thwarted. Sigh.


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