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A big old summery fib (sssshhh!)

Ho hum….well, I guess winter is rolling around again….kids are back at school….and as soon as we are settled at our work desks once more, an Indian summer sweeps in to mock us. What is this British obsession with weather? I am as bad as anyone for cloud watching, checking forecasts on the hour, tippy tapping at the barometer (o.k, that’s a lie, I don’t have one, but if I did….). So I hope you won’t mind if I tell one huge, big, Monday fib about my summer?????? Could I? Just this once?

Ah yes, you see, in MY summer the skies were big and blue, and we skipped around teepees like frisky little Unicorns. My garden sang happily with abundance and colour and the vegetables were so enormous and plentiful we had to hold a table top sale. The snails and slugs sloped off grumpily to pastures new muttering ‘well we just won’t bother with this particular Nirvana’.

The children gaily chorused, “please please do take us for long walks over the hills!” and so sighing heavily we did, and we frolicked over the greenness until the sun set.

Those lazy, balmy days….we just couldn’t get the sun cream on quick enough. There weren’t enough Margarhitas to quench our thirst on those long days of festivals, friends and freedom.

Oh, and the ice cream at every turn! Summer days filled with walks to the beach with our picnic bag, not a care or a cagoul in the world. We lazed around on warm golden sand, dipping our toes in the warmest of water in the North Sea, and no one snorted when I suggested an afternoon dip – YES PLEASE! – they all chimed in.

There was, naturally, hours and hours of free time to sit on the shingle and crochet. Oh yes. Mainly on account of the children deciding they do actually love making sandcastles harmoniously together, and infact Facebook, Twitter and other phone related activity is the work of Satan that they are better off casting aside.

Evening meals in the garden, listening to the chirruping of cicadas. A glad heart that we didn’t travel far from home. Why bother with Spain, when it’s all here on your doorstep, hey? You know, (and I am saying this in a whisper), it was so hot for so long in Stroud, that we had to cool the dog off every day with a hose pipe. Really. Unbearable. How we longed for the cooler days of Autumn to blow in…..

Friends, what can I tell you about my summer? It was gorgeous of course, with or without the blazing sun. I am truly grateful for those few times when we did throw off our anoraks at the prospect of a full 18 degrees. And no! Not once did we cower among the rain soaked dripping clothes on the washing line, for the umpteenth time, wondering why we didn’t move to Greece. That was NEVER us….


1 Mezzie { 09.10.12 at 12:22 pm }

ah! just beautiful… I so look forwards to your Blog updates :)..My Summer has been full of wonder at my Wandering Thyme, flourishing after being posted to me in a crushed peat pot and surviving a 300 mile journey in padded envelope along with any other treasures…I have lavished love and care on said herb…and after 4 weeks ..yay the first push up through the earth…I love growing against all odds….. and this week will be able to harvest some leaves for a Yummy soup.
AND …this Summer has also been about matching my step to the ever lengthening stride of the Deerhound Young’un Mystery…and slowing to the dwindling. arthritic step of my ancient hound Taliesin…..I’m experiencing life at two speeds as we dance towards mid Autumn. Love and Blessings x

2 leenie { 09.10.12 at 1:51 pm }

Wonderful. Made me smile lots 🙂 x

3 Jaine { 10.09.12 at 4:26 pm }

Thanks Leenie! xxx

4 Heather { 09.10.12 at 3:02 pm }

lovely summer tales! I’m sure some of it was true, it’s looks like you had some great moments at least! Heather

5 Jaine { 10.09.12 at 4:27 pm }

Hmmmm, well, maybe the bit about the Unicorn was true?? xx

6 Jaine { 09.11.12 at 10:35 am }

Dear Mezzie and Amanda! Hello lovely yous! Thank you so much for dear words….always amazed that other people read my ramblings! Ah, your green witch hands Mez, I am sure the thyme is one happy herb in your care. Love to you both, and to the deerhounds of joy! xx

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