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And so it begins……

I suppose I cannot deny that it is happening any longer can I?? The mad time is upon us, and like it or not, it’s official. 

We get a very big clue here in Stroud, that festivites are about to kick off by something called Goodwill Evening. This is when every single Stroudie takes to the streets, the town is lit up with lights and sparkly things, and the church is stuffed full of home decorated Christmas trees (and this gets more competitive than the village show bake off, let me tell you….)

You might well ask what a die-hard Pagan is doing messing around with Christmas in the first place…ah, but the kid in me loves all the excitement, and hey! There’s room for us all here, as far as celebration goes. A better question to ask is this: where is the Goodwill, when husbands start edging away from the crafts table and inflatable snowmen, towards the inevitable 50 metre sprint to the pub….like we didn’t notice that one……

Ah, lovely Stroud. Where else would there be a mad free-for-all of the anti-nuke brigade, the community choir, Stroud Song, singing their hearts out, kids racing around in a snow machine, teenagers ripping it up on fairground rides, and even a peace vigil quietly taking place in a little hidden square.

There is herbal tea drinking in organic cafes, folky guitar playing in funky bars, and even our very own pedal powered Rinky Dink street gig.

Oh, so go on then…it IS time I guess…I will gracefully give in to Solstice card sending, present wrapping, decoration hanging and general dilly-dallying around with tinsel, and stockings and Christmas carols. And what’s not to like…Stroud’s cobbled streets are lit up, shop fronts are glowing, Faery-Goddaughters are extra cheeky, and if you are stuck for that difficult person to buy for – well, Stroud can handle that too (mushrooms growing out of a log, fabulous I am told….)

So, big breath, let it begin…I will give in to all that this crazy time brings my way (I am sure that I am always saying that?), have fun and be thankful that the pure, quiet, orderly time of January is around the corner…..


1 suzy parker { 12.14.12 at 12:07 pm }

lovely xx

2 Susan { 12.16.12 at 5:38 pm }

…but my dear Jaine, don’t forget that Christmas started life as a Pagan festival, the Winter Solstice, and the Christians borrowed it so they could introduce their new religion. We also celebrate Christmas in our house and we, probably, have less right to than you 😉

Stroud Goodwill Evening was magical and although I could not find your choir, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. The Morris dancers and flute music was fabulous and transported me back to bygone days.

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