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January work

The bareness of January is so good. Simple. Yellow. It is a yellow month for me.

A month that can be edged in to gently, lest nerves be frayed. A quiet month, a getting through month. A back to work month

Working from home can be a bit lonely and dispiriting sometimes, watching the clock for when I can light the fire or sneak over to Facebook. So, far better then to head down the hill to my other office, aka The Black Book Cafe.

It’s a fab old building, Art Deco, with lots of light flooding in through its windows, and it always makes me smile that the other half of the block is a turquoise launderette called Soap and Suds (warm in winter, perfect to sit and read a book in or gaze at the views of Stroud while your undies do their thing, round and round…)

Reasons to love my other office – the books of course (to buy or borrow), pastries, jazz playing quietly, lovely smiley cafe owner with coffee and tea on tap, wifi connection, great views, comfy sofas, chess boards and lots of people to play with, did I mention pastries??

There is a table by the window that practically has my name carved on to it, does that sound a little territorial? It’s a great spot to people watch get tonnes of work done, as I contemplate my next chess move/pastry/author to rummage for……

I love noticing the different waves of people that float in and out during the day – mums & toddlers, other workers, beat poets, friends gossiping over coffee, campaigners, artists & writers, the lunchtimers, and the teenage after-schoolers. There’s room for them all, and the good news for me is that I have lots of opportunities to indoctrinate people into my pink plan of badness. Hurrah.

Meanwhile, back at home, all is still lovely, still quiet, still yellow.

My favourite January tablecloths get shaken out and laid on the kitchen table, catkins and old buttons sit by companionably side by side, and there is a long out-breath after the mayhem of Christmas.

Outside, my witchazel silently unfolds it’s tiny yellow curls. This is January work.

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1 suzy parker { 01.10.13 at 9:16 pm }

just love reading your posts thankyou x

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