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The blue day

So, in among the sea of yellow days, if you are lucky, will come a special day, a blue day. These are precious, one-off days, days when schools shut, most things grind to a halt, and time takes on a different dimension.

This is how a blue day unfolds in this valley of mine. Early morning, around 6am, jump out of bed and have a quick check. Blizzard outside – yes, this is going to be a blue day….

Warmest woollies, artic leggings and hats, gloves and other blue day paraphernalia in place…and then gingerly step outside into our neighbourhood, transformed into a sea of fristy-frosty snowflakes, all swirling and dancing around my happy ears.

Try in vain to avoid the snowy ambush that comes my way – unsuccessfully as it turns out – Kev, Dom, Jilly, Theo, Seb & Ellaoona all mean blue-day business. Get hit several times and have to run off out of this particular war zone.

The fab thing about Stroud is that it is in the centre of five valleys – we are surrounded by beautifully steep hills, so tobogganing is the activity of the day when snow comes to town. Which is super naughty of me, as I am supposed to be on strict bed-rest after a recent illness. Hey, it’s a girl’s duty to break rules on blue days, I am sure of it. So I skip on up to our local park, the Daisy Bank, party central for the morning, and beg a ride on a sledge. Thrilling.

Herb made me do it. Honest.

There followed a quiet wander through our nature reserve, the Cemetery, which was like stepping into Narnia.I head towards the little yew grove right in the centre, and watched the wrens hopping from branch to branch. Magical.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there is some serious and strange nesting going on. Stove and sitting room fires both lit, cheese toasties on the go, and husband at my, MY sewing machine, offroading with a textiles project. That’s a blue day for you. Things happen.

So all that is left to do really is whip up a hot chocolate, get double pointed knitting needles out to embark on a fairy mouse, and get sneaky in the pursuit of the best place on the sofa.

Easier said than done, when it comes to the mighty hairy one. It’s a standoff. He gets the hottie, I get the duvet.

All is blue, all is well.


1 Heather { 01.19.13 at 8:31 am }

isn’t it lovely and on a friday too! I love the blue light coming in through your window and your crochet hot water bottle! I must make one some time, enjoy the weekend, Heather x

2 laoi gaul-williams { 01.19.13 at 5:03 pm }

a perfect blue day…your home looks so gorgeous and cosy…we too had a snow damp dog hogging the sofa 🙂

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