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By the Ocean

:: Blackthorn buds ::

:: Deserted beaches, tooooo raw and cold ::

:: Boardwalks through pine trees ::

:: Boat rigging and other harbour paraphanaelia ::

:: Hazel catkins and dusty yellows ::

:: Early morning creek walk ::

:: Sand dunes and sharp grasses ::

:: Fishing net blues & turquoises ::

:: Driftwood and leopard skin wellies (a wee break from pink, always good) ::

:: Seagulls reminding me I love being by the ocean ::

:: Time with family, how lucky are we ::

:: Looking for spoonbills and curlews in the freshes ::

:: The love of feathers ::

:: Sunset, sunrise at my favourite place in the world ::

:: Wells deli – a good place to be ::

:: Nearest harbour ::

:: Village shop ::

A few days away from our five valleys, and even though we were often numb with cold and huddled around the fire, it was enough to rest, and breathe out, to think and stretch. Dear ocean of the east, I do love you. 





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