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The dance begins…the land unfolds….the quickening pulses in the green

May I walk the hills with deepening gratitude for a life filled with soulful people. May my steps be light, even on days that weigh heavy, and may I move ever closer to the gift of trust that is being offered to me.

Let me remember to take time to turn my face towards the sunshine of blue skies, when they arrive in this often grey land, and to love the scent of Beltaine blossoms that fly sweetly through my valley

On Beltaine morning, I wish for a renewed and hopeful heart as I pour myself into plans and projects…even when some waned so badly last year, like the successions of my beans that were eaten time and again by snails.

By lemon balm, nettle, mugwort and Lady’s Mantle, may I love all that lives, and give thanks to herbs that heal, teas that soothe, hands that hold

Beltaine love and blessings to all that is seen, all that is unseen, all that is.

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1 Kristina { 05.01.13 at 5:30 am }

Bleesing on all your Beltane wishes!
May they all come true.
Lots of love

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