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Back to schoolio….

Tis true I am not a nighttime person in the winter….my bottom gets sat on the sofa and that is that….I am unapolagetically unshift able. But something has tempted me back to night school this winter…..

I have been lured back to the art department in our local college, land of the sketchbook, spray fix and scalpels

But it is not pastels or oils or stained glass that has had me singing. It is the cunning beast of an AppleMac that has called me to its lair.

Under the beady eye of Rob, about ten of us have been learning the wondrous things Photoshop can do to our artwork – an ancient(ish) science so magical, I have become all breathy, and no doubt boringly geeky, about it. I will admit that in the beginning I had to shoehorn myself off said sofa, with the promise of some Green and Blacks at half time. Rob put a firm stop to that, chocolate and computers are a liability. Same too with gin and tonic apparently.

But I think that someday soon I may well be hooked like a hooky thing….and then there’ll be no stopping me. Apple love.

February 8, 2012   No Comments