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A dog, a frog and plenty of wool…..

Yes siree, this is panning out to be a strange time….where did those strong roots that I was telling you about disappear to? Never mind being grounded, I seem to have been rushing around all over the shop, and not really achieving very much at all. But I have been having fun, I think, in the meantime, and I have been to Wales and back…yahoodie to that then.

Oh, how badly lost do I always get when I venture out alone to Wales? It is pitiful. I always end up sitting on the verge of some remote lane, weeping, while sheep look at me suspiciously. I don’t blame them. Its a sad sight. I am way too impractical to take a map, so usually just rely on my girl guide instincts to get me outta there. They are long days, those Welsh days. But listen, my instincts were sharpened this time – I was on the way to Wonderwool on the other side of them there Black Mountains…and I tell you, my friends, I can sniff out exciting yarn from 100 miles away

Yeah, thought that might make you sit up….nice huh? And you know? There was miles of the stuff….never seen so much wool crammed into one cow shed. These Wonderwool people were not messing around. Mind you, neither was I…I rocked up with a whole load of pink peace scarf and a plan to brainwash nicely persuade woolly punters to join me in my plan of gureilla wool fare – which I did, with the help of a few friends. 

There was plenty of time too for a stroll around to drool at gorgeous yarn and people doing weavy, woolly things (I clearly have all the technical jargon up my sleeve, such a pro) – take a look:

I feel I should be able to tell you exactly what they are doing in those pictures, particularly the woman with the baby…but you know, I didn’t really like to ask, so walked around looking knowledgeable and stroking my chin a lot…oh, I’m so rock n’ roll (not).

Hey, talking of rock n’ roll though, I did meet a very wonderful folky girl and her guitar, singing songs of protest, paganism and knitting – yay to Talis Kimberley, check her out!

Right, so that was the wool bit done and dusted. Back home (I made it back eventually, via a ridiculous detour nearly to Hereford and back) and time for a bit of gardening. I have an exciting snail plan to reveal to you soon. This is my world in the summer months. THE SNAIL ISSUE. Do you think I don’t have it in me to bore the pants off you for the second year in a row about snails…oh think again sweet friends. There’s plenty more where that came from. So, a wee tidy up in the front garden, planting of beans, salad, flowers, squash, tomatoes. 

And look at this little cutie-pie found near our pond…I was seriously tempted to have a little go at kissing him….you know, just to see…..

The other thing thats been going on in my valley is a call to hands to get our Red Hearth ready for its opening in June. I will tell you all about that soon. For now though, witchy women and moon daughters gathered to sing and paint signs to mark the way up the woodland path. We were tempted there by lots of cake (a given).

I was lucky enough to meet Jackie Singer there too, a musician and author of Birthrights, a book of ritual and celebration. Lots of good things to check out. 

Oh dear, have I been nattering on for too, too long? It’s the Beltane energy you know, a time when everything speeds up and there’s just so much whizzing around. Time to trot myself back up to that art studio and get on with some work……

….content in the knowledge that there is beautiful wool in the world, beautiful people, and that the plan of pinky badness is coming along just fine jimboy…with the help of my new and rather goreous P.A….meet Rose….my latest recruit. Go on. Ask her what she’s knitting.

May 4, 2013   2 Comments


The dance begins…the land unfolds….the quickening pulses in the green

May I walk the hills with deepening gratitude for a life filled with soulful people. May my steps be light, even on days that weigh heavy, and may I move ever closer to the gift of trust that is being offered to me.

Let me remember to take time to turn my face towards the sunshine of blue skies, when they arrive in this often grey land, and to love the scent of Beltaine blossoms that fly sweetly through my valley

On Beltaine morning, I wish for a renewed and hopeful heart as I pour myself into plans and projects…even when some waned so badly last year, like the successions of my beans that were eaten time and again by snails.

By lemon balm, nettle, mugwort and Lady’s Mantle, may I love all that lives, and give thanks to herbs that heal, teas that soothe, hands that hold

Beltaine love and blessings to all that is seen, all that is unseen, all that is.

April 30, 2013   1 Comment

A Witchety Moon….

There have been plenty of witchy goings on this month, oh yes. Aswell as Beltaine happenings, May is also the month of our Red Hearth gatherings, here in Stroud, among the wildish women. The Red Hearth is our very own special roundhouse in the woodlands of my fantastic friend Kesty Jakes, and it is here that we gather, honour the land, drum, sing, weave, sit round fires, story tell and do all sorts of other wondrous wild things….

We even manage to get teenagers there, which is especially great:

I tell you, magic happens when drum women gather….

I am hoping tonight will be no exception. As the moon turns dark, we will be gathering again, this time to celebrate the busy webs of our lives that we weave, during our Spinmother ceremony. This is a beautiful ritual inspired by Carolyn Hillyer for those among us who find ourselves spinning in different directions, holding the many and varied threads of our lives. A chance to pause, breathe, re-member our dreams and who we are in the middle of that beautiful chaos!

We will make a candlelit spiral with May blossoms and other wild flowers, which we will dance and drum at dusk, and then cosy-up in our roundhouse, by the fire, where our crafty hands can weave some magic into wool, beads, and hazel…

Sigh. What more could I ask for on an early summer evening

May 18, 2012   3 Comments

Beltane sunrise

Beltane morning – May 1st – had me up just before the sunrise and padding into the valley we call the Heavens. I know that many of my witchy sisters will have been jumping the Beltane fires last night on Beltane eve, and I love the thought of that. But I never seem to get a fire together to jump over, so the dawn is the next best magical thing!

So off to my special place – a hidden meadow above the waterfall – steeply sloping, with hawthorn, Holly, Ash and Oak…and the best bit – a very old and very big wild crab apple tree in the corner……

where I tied little prayers or wishes – sometimes known as clouties – onto its sweet branches

And of course Beltane wouldn’t be Beltane without washing my face in the dew – I am still waiting for everlasting youthful skin to be bestowed on me… and it will come, I know it!


Home then, past the badger sets, the three walnut trees, and lots and lots of frothy white Mayflowers….to hot chocolate and buttery toast. It’s going to be a good day….




May 1, 2011   No Comments