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Gardening Leave

Today seems like a good day to put myself on some gardening leave

I always know this a good thing to do when I find myself awake at 4am worrying about life and deciding as a strategy to go and look for snails sneaking towards my runner beans. Not the best coping plan in the universe, it has to be said.

Now whether or not I will actually do any gardening is not really a problem. The plants will organise themselves in the best way possible, as they always do.

What I need to do is try and quieten down the world-noise that is constantly crashing like waves on my shore, day in, day out, relentlessly. I’m not big on newspapers and television, so I don’t have as much crackle as some people do in their lives. But even so, I am feeling a wee bit bombarded, so the quiet of the garden is where I am headed for a short while.

I am right in the middle of a batch of artwork for new card designs, and will be taking these with me to the ocean of the east next week. If I manage to catch any whisps of passing wifi while I am there, I will put up some pictures.

Wishing everyone the loveliest of weeks, may you be gifted some space and down-time too. Be back soon….

May 20, 2013   1 Comment

And so it begins……

I suppose I cannot deny that it is happening any longer can I?? The mad time is upon us, and like it or not, it’s official. 

We get a very big clue here in Stroud, that festivites are about to kick off by something called Goodwill Evening. This is when every single Stroudie takes to the streets, the town is lit up with lights and sparkly things, and the church is stuffed full of home decorated Christmas trees (and this gets more competitive than the village show bake off, let me tell you….)

You might well ask what a die-hard Pagan is doing messing around with Christmas in the first place…ah, but the kid in me loves all the excitement, and hey! There’s room for us all here, as far as celebration goes. A better question to ask is this: where is the Goodwill, when husbands start edging away from the crafts table and inflatable snowmen, towards the inevitable 50 metre sprint to the pub….like we didn’t notice that one……

Ah, lovely Stroud. Where else would there be a mad free-for-all of the anti-nuke brigade, the community choir, Stroud Song, singing their hearts out, kids racing around in a snow machine, teenagers ripping it up on fairground rides, and even a peace vigil quietly taking place in a little hidden square.

There is herbal tea drinking in organic cafes, folky guitar playing in funky bars, and even our very own pedal powered Rinky Dink street gig.

Oh, so go on then…it IS time I guess…I will gracefully give in to Solstice card sending, present wrapping, decoration hanging and general dilly-dallying around with tinsel, and stockings and Christmas carols. And what’s not to like…Stroud’s cobbled streets are lit up, shop fronts are glowing, Faery-Goddaughters are extra cheeky, and if you are stuck for that difficult person to buy for – well, Stroud can handle that too (mushrooms growing out of a log, fabulous I am told….)

So, big breath, let it begin…I will give in to all that this crazy time brings my way (I am sure that I am always saying that?), have fun and be thankful that the pure, quiet, orderly time of January is around the corner…..

December 14, 2012   2 Comments

Finding balance

Summer gently tips into early autumn, the Equinox pulls all things into balance, and I notice the blustery winds that often come at this time of the year. It feels to me like a settling of accounts, or a resistance to let go, and I begin to look around me, at this push and pull.

I cannot quite let go of summer, but I love the new flush of autumn berries.

I breathe out slowly, along favourite familiar pathways. But I am holding my breath as I step into new, scary adventures with my work.

In my world, there is handmade (a present for Susi) and nature made (from our Farmer’s Market)

What takes us a long time and a lot of human effort – working with a community woodland group sourcing local wood for our wood stove (thank you Mark), nature grows effortlessly and in abundance (ho! to the hips).

In looking for balance, I find I love my early morning walks over fields, alone and quiet, but also love a little nighttime wildness with friends, celebrating big birthdays.

And as ever, wherever I am, there is order and disorder…

And so even though I need to stay focused for the time being on this latest bubble of work, I cannot help but sit in the sunshine doing lovely repetitive jobs like harvesting lavender – thinking about what is useful and which stalky bits I no longer need.

This time of the year sings to my soul – it really does – and I smile at the miracle that bit by bit I have managed to do some of what I set out to do earlier in the year. Those tiny seeds I planted deep in wintertime have grown and flown. And the leaves turn quietly.

September 19, 2012   4 Comments

The Stitchy Witch comes to town!

Well, this has been a bit of a big week! And there’s a little something I wanted to tell you……

It all started here

which many moons (and needles) later, ended up here

and that’s where the magic really started…because Alpha have some very talented and patient people who were able to take my stitchy offerings and make them into cards of all loveliness…sort of like this

with the very nicest chlorine free uncoated FSC board using vegetable inks – hooray!

oh, this printing lark could get quite addictive you know. There I was, in their big ‘ol warehouse, snapping away like some little demented goblin, quite arty I thought…

Anyhow, the outcome of all this shenanigans that day was this

which all looks terribly reasonable, until you get all 10,000 of them home, and into your kitchen….

scary-doos, and no mistake. But after everyone had calmed down, we got busy with packing them up into their sweet bio-degradable polybags and this is how they look now… check out the funky rounded corners…oh, oh! And they are glittery too – YAY!!!

Coming soon to a shop near you! Or if you can’t wait that long, please please hop onto my website at The Stitchy Witch – I’d love to see you there! So, for the official sneak preview, and especially for all you stitchy gals and yarn-stormers, here are my favourites:

Thanks to the ever patient Graeme Del Nevo for his website sorcery, Debs Milverton for being the best Babel fish ever and to Kevin Barton for his graphic world domination – I hope you guys are still talking to me……

March 2, 2012   1 Comment