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In the basket…..

I’m back, I’m settled…and I have a quiet weekend ahead of me…oh joy! (if our teenagers don’t sabotage it). I wondered if you would like a rummage around my basket of woolly things ‘that will one day happen’??

Now bear in mind that in matters of yarn and stitchiness, I don’t do speed. Actually, speed is not on any of my agendas, now I think carefully about it…..this is the pace that follow Herb and I through our days of work-avoidance:

And I am unrepentant about that. O.K, so to kick off, there are two festival blankets in the making. These are for our wayward daughters who would happily skip off to festivals at the blink of an eye. They really came about because when they leave for college, I would love them to have something homemade to take with them. Of course they will end up draped over shoulders in muddy fields listening to the most brilliant rock bands in the world. That is what daughters do. And I say yay! to that. So the first one is for our eldest daughter Becky, and it is a straight single crochet striped blanket, made with gorgeous cotton Natura yarn

I only have a year to get that one done, and they are mighty small stitches, so the pressure is on. The second daughter blanket, for Holly, is a ripple pattern, which I found at Attic 24 (you gotta love her) – I have gone slightly off road with it, not like me at all (uuuummmm)

Then there is the Owl Bunting project (until recently the words O-W-L ┬áB-U-N-T-I-N-G induced terror in our family, on account of the filthy mood it put me in trying to interpret the pattern. Don’t let that put you off – I was probably reading it upside down during a PMT week) – and it will look very cute when all 24 are made. As you can see, I am well into proceedings, with just ONE finished….

Next up is my hexagon blanket….this has been a while in the making….it will be totally for me!!! Hopefully just in time for my retirement party at 83 years old…..(sorry, can’t find the pattern, but google it)

Slipped in to that basket is the beginnings of the mother of all knitting plans…in all its pinkness (yes Lisa, PINK)..I know I keep teasing you with this one – hold on in there. All will be revealed very soooooon

And finally, there is a little beginning of a hot water bottle cover that I started in the wee hours on planet insomnia. It is so good working quietly when everyone is asleep, and a cat is snoring sweetly by my side. I am making it up as I go along…and again, will keep you updated on it’s progress. Which I suppose is dependant on how many hours I lie awake for….

That is surely enough to keep my restless hands busy….if anyone fancies joining me for a spot of tea, crochet and gossip, then I am your girl…..(oh, and bring a biscuit for Herbie)

November 16, 2012   4 Comments