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Finding gentle changes

This Equinox full moon is going to be beautiful tonight, I can feel it. For me, though, the Equinox energy can be restless and turbulent, as it seeks balance inside and outside of me.

I have been tired, still juggling too many jobs and responsibilities, and am as grumpy as an old goat (and yes, Mark, Holly and Theo all agree: I asked them).

So reflecting on perhaps changing this story of mine, and wondering which crucial part I could prune, I find myself again being in nature, looking for answers.

And you know what came to me? Nature makes big sweeping changes sometimes, and we’ve all been sadly watching the devastation that this¬†drama brings. But nature, I remembered, makes gentle, unfolding changes too. Like the quiet steps into spring that are opening this week, all around me.

Somehow, I will look for small, gentle changes, that I can turn towards, and beyond baths with Hyacinth bath salts,¬† I don’t know what those will be yet. A slowness, my favourite foods, ignoring grumbling from the (very rude) washing. Being in the garden with my hands in the Earth when I should be working (this is work of a different kind).

And of course, moonwatching.

March 19, 2011   No Comments