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:: Snapshot – Part II ::

Happy Thursday to you, and as promised, here is part II of a small snapshot of my world right now….

:: A cosy sofa with blankets and quilts where I can sit and watch the weather

:: Snap of my front garden, taken whilst sitting on my cosy sofa

:: Catching up with the crochet blanket plans of a lovely friend

:: Love loving the newest member of our family – Jack Collings in all his baby wonderfulness

:: Racing to finish the blanket made specially for Jack from his Auntie Witch

:: The band of Strangeness ripping it up at Jon’s birthday party

:: Sitting and laughing with friends in the rarest of 10 minutes when it wasn’t raining…..

Happy Thursday to you….blue skies and butterflies….(pleeeeeease!)

July 5, 2012   No Comments

:: Snapshot ::

Here is a little Tuesday snapshot of  my world right now….with a part 2 coming on Thursday (if you can bear it)

:: Last sighting of my back garden before the snails eat it

:: Toddler toes….Harry Hotpants, my favourite boy on the block, comes to play

:: The annual ritual of elderflower cordial making and bottling

:: Stroud Song, our very lovely community choir, gets all frisky at a party with champagne and a raucous Russian ditty

:: Ha ha….I get the redcurrants before the slugs do. Victory is mine.

:: Campfire with friends at the new moon

Wishing you all sunshine and drier times!

July 3, 2012   No Comments

Snippets of Summer – part 1

Hello again, sorry for my silence…I have been busy with the business of missing summer, and gathering myself up ready for whatever Autumn throws at us. These sweet front garden flowers have now made way for straggly beans, sort of pumpkins and dusky pink sedums.

Here are a few snippets of our summer….which bought a new neighbourhood puppy called Lily

time to play about with making bin liners into dresses

back garden barbeques and the challenge of cooking pizza on it

and of course my annual pilgrimmge to the sweetest little camp called Space for You with my mother on the other side of the river

where there was COLOUR after all the early summer greyness 

blue sky to wake up to – oh yes!

and a candlelit cafe with with music to dine to

and best of all, washing in a field

September 25, 2011   6 Comments

Show and tell…..(sshhhh!)

It’s that time of year again, down in Martha’s cabin where the stitcher’s hang out – the summertime Show and Tell, with lunch thrown in.

All the gals who have been in Martha’s sewing classes gather and we have a mutual swoon-fest over the gorgeous things we have been slaving over for the past weeks.

Yes, there is much sighing, and running of fingers over lush lush fabrics. There is adoration, and envy, and frankly there might even be a red-carpeted awards ceremony for all the fuss we make of each other and our stitchy pieces. And why ever not.

Followed by lunch with more gossiping and needle talk. Against the back drop of Martha’s wonderous garden (that the slugs never dare to go near).

All treacherous talk of biros and Pritt Stick forgotten (Martha won’t tolerate short cuts in her gentle journey to sewing perfection; quite right) we followed lunch with a little tea and a small amount of knitting.

What’s not to love?

July 15, 2011   No Comments

Finding gentle changes

This Equinox full moon is going to be beautiful tonight, I can feel it. For me, though, the Equinox energy can be restless and turbulent, as it seeks balance inside and outside of me.

I have been tired, still juggling too many jobs and responsibilities, and am as grumpy as an old goat (and yes, Mark, Holly and Theo all agree: I asked them).

So reflecting on perhaps changing this story of mine, and wondering which crucial part I could prune, I find myself again being in nature, looking for answers.

And you know what came to me? Nature makes big sweeping changes sometimes, and we’ve all been sadly watching the devastation that this drama brings. But nature, I remembered, makes gentle, unfolding changes too. Like the quiet steps into spring that are opening this week, all around me.

Somehow, I will look for small, gentle changes, that I can turn towards, and beyond baths with Hyacinth bath salts,  I don’t know what those will be yet. A slowness, my favourite foods, ignoring grumbling from the (very rude) washing. Being in the garden with my hands in the Earth when I should be working (this is work of a different kind).

And of course, moonwatching.

March 19, 2011   No Comments

The New Moon brings…..

Salad – the promise of little baby greens, peeping up through the dark earth, and onto our plates six weeks from now. Saturday’s new moon had me digging in some home-made compost into the beds in the greenhouse. I nearly grew horns when I discovered that some wretch has been emptying the hoover – again – into my beloved compost bin. Apart from Lambs lettuce, Rocket and Mizuna, there was also the following dug into the mix:
  1. An assortment of (sparkling) hair bands
  2. A grey bolt from a Meccano set
  3. A pink piece of Lego (pink? truly.)
  4. An old sock
  5. Sweetie papers from christmas
  6. My sanity

So now doubt they will also be dished up next month with a delicate little dressing on top…..

Joyful afternoon though, deviant compost aside, and it was good to turn my back on the chaos of the kitchen. The change is here, I can smell it……

New moon wishes to you.



March 6, 2011   2 Comments