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More Mad Crazy

Oooh hello, it’s been a while. You know what it is like around these Stroudie parts – a week can be a long time, with lots of different, unplanned things popping up all over the place.

This week has been about the magic that happens when women get together.

We gathered for our annual opening of our Red Hearth House by the light of the new moon, and danced, drummed, sang and howled with the most witchy of whiskers. 

This is such a special place that we have created, in Kesty and Martin’s beautiful woodland, and it fed my soul once more to be there, with many different wonderful women and all the stories that they bring to weave in with my own.

Oh you mad, crazy week…I didn’t see you coming. But in I leapt, as I knew I would, with my fast beating heart yearning for adventure and change. There have been camp outs, dawn choruses, badgers, burial chambers, axes, art, get togethers, cake, bitey things, and lots and lots of laughing and chit chatting.

It is also the month that Fiona and John Owen throw open their chapel studio doors to let us all have a peek inside at their wonderful, most magical of creations.

If you live anywhere near Gloucestershire, their exhibition is on until 30th June and is breathtaking. You will love it.

And so my week has rolled on, with a daughter learning to skateboard, puzzling over strange pub quiz questions, rainstorms to be caught in, and art students arriving at our house in a lovely impromptu gathering.

And today, Sunday, it ends as it so often begins, with wool, cake and friends – with Prema’s PicKnit in the Park – and as much as I need to collapse on my sofa and rest, I skip along with my pink peace scarf, dodging raindrops, and slide into yet more mad crazy…..

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Lunar Samhain, plus sparkle…..

After fizzing off into outer space with all the excitement and glory of last week’s demo, it seemed that I was ready for something a little more kitchen table based, and intricate, grounding.

O.k, I know that a mad, sparkly handicraft workshop for a bunch of teenage girls doesn’t sound exactly restful, but it brought me home again, and landed me right back in the moment.

Do you remember a while back that I told you about our Red Hearth – a magical, local space where us witchy, earthy women meet all summer long? Well, it is also a space where young girls gather and giggle – they are called ‘Moon Sisters’. More recently our teenage girls have been learning how it is to talk in circle, support each other, celebrate….and of course…apply a mass of sparkle and glitter wherever possible. Which is where I came in.

It was a real blast seeing the creativity oozing out of these fab girls…and all the different things they did with my box of sequins, beads and batik. Things I could only dream of frankly….how is it that young people are so uninhibited and free, colourful and wild? I watched them closely and learned much.

So after landing, I journeyed back to the Red Hearth on Monday, for lunar Samahain. This is a very special time for us witches – it is a time to honour ancestors, wise ones who have gone before us. It is a time to welcome in the winter, and know that rest and quietness is coming. For me, it is a chance to sit and look at my life, and let die what needs to die. Breathe. Let go. Surrender.

And so the fire was lit, the songs sung, the cake shared, and the talking stick (stone) passed around once more this year, as witness to our precious journeys.

After which the quiet work of getting our roundhouse ready for winter begun, singing all the while: ‘the earth, the air, the fire, the water, return, return, return, return’…….

We had older hands, mother hands and best of all, young baby hands, who will someday become ‘moon daughters’ and until that time will shake rattles, squabble over hazel sticks, and fill the hearth with their loud toddler happiness and spontaneity – all great background music to our autumn ears.

Carpets were shaken out, a summer’s worth of stories and singing tumbling out with the dust…and underneath we found a lost talking stone, a shell fossil from when this land was covered by ocean, that had been hiding all this time, quietly listening and watching. I am to be its guardian over the winter, and will return it in the springtime.

Pathways were trod one last time, arms laden with blankets, sheepskins, cushions and colourful fabrics, all returned inside for safekeeping.

So Samhain blessings on all that is seen, all that is unseen, all that is. May rest find you, gentleness enfold you. May the darkness bring endings, and the return of all good things. Blessed be.

October 16, 2012   2 Comments

:: Snapshot ::

Here is a little Tuesday snapshot of  my world right now….with a part 2 coming on Thursday (if you can bear it)

:: Last sighting of my back garden before the snails eat it

:: Toddler toes….Harry Hotpants, my favourite boy on the block, comes to play

:: The annual ritual of elderflower cordial making and bottling

:: Stroud Song, our very lovely community choir, gets all frisky at a party with champagne and a raucous Russian ditty

:: Ha ha….I get the redcurrants before the slugs do. Victory is mine.

:: Campfire with friends at the new moon

Wishing you all sunshine and drier times!

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A Witchety Moon….

There have been plenty of witchy goings on this month, oh yes. Aswell as Beltaine happenings, May is also the month of our Red Hearth gatherings, here in Stroud, among the wildish women. The Red Hearth is our very own special roundhouse in the woodlands of my fantastic friend Kesty Jakes, and it is here that we gather, honour the land, drum, sing, weave, sit round fires, story tell and do all sorts of other wondrous wild things….

We even manage to get teenagers there, which is especially great:

I tell you, magic happens when drum women gather….

I am hoping tonight will be no exception. As the moon turns dark, we will be gathering again, this time to celebrate the busy webs of our lives that we weave, during our Spinmother ceremony. This is a beautiful ritual inspired by Carolyn Hillyer for those among us who find ourselves spinning in different directions, holding the many and varied threads of our lives. A chance to pause, breathe, re-member our dreams and who we are in the middle of that beautiful chaos!

We will make a candlelit spiral with May blossoms and other wild flowers, which we will dance and drum at dusk, and then cosy-up in our roundhouse, by the fire, where our crafty hands can weave some magic into wool, beads, and hazel…

Sigh. What more could I ask for on an early summer evening

May 18, 2012   3 Comments

The New Moon brings…..

Salad – the promise of little baby greens, peeping up through the dark earth, and onto our plates six weeks from now. Saturday’s new moon had me digging in some home-made compost into the beds in the greenhouse. I nearly grew horns when I discovered that some wretch has been emptying the hoover – again – into my beloved compost bin. Apart from Lambs lettuce, Rocket and Mizuna, there was also the following dug into the mix:
  1. An assortment of (sparkling) hair bands
  2. A grey bolt from a Meccano set
  3. A pink piece of Lego (pink? truly.)
  4. An old sock
  5. Sweetie papers from christmas
  6. My sanity

So now doubt they will also be dished up next month with a delicate little dressing on top…..

Joyful afternoon though, deviant compost aside, and it was good to turn my back on the chaos of the kitchen. The change is here, I can smell it……

New moon wishes to you.



March 6, 2011   2 Comments