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:: Saturday ::

Stroud’s rag market…always so fab, rummaging around offcuts of hand dyed french linens, buttons, quilts, beads…such a good distraction on a difficult day

:: Sunday ::

An Equinox gathering on Kesty and Martin’s land – hot tea and some community theatre which made me laugh and cheered me up

:: Monday ::

Sewing together some pink pieces of scarf, and really loving the moving stories being sent to me along with them….there are some wonderful people out there

:: Tuesday ::

A Twitter tutorial – trying to get my middle aged brain around something really simple – slightly edgy when teenagers arent the most patient of teachers

:: Wednesday ::

A good old fashioned day at the seaside with Grandma and Grandpa – eating ice cream in a near blizzard – March – you’ve got to love springtime….

:: Thursday ::

A truly mad, crazy two hours with Pixie-Bee, the Hotpants and Saskia-pie – playing trains, stitching lavender bags, nappy changing, song singing, biscuit eating and other fun stuff

:: Friday ::

Back to big kids – a chocolate fudge birthday cake for my youngest teenager

:: Saturday ::

Stroud Farmers Market essential – olives from the Olive Ladies – seriously good, guaranteed happiness

My birthday boy – gotta love a 15 year old in a furry owl onesy

So this is my funny old week – week one of the school holidays – and still feeling like midwinter. Not an especially easy one, but there are pieces of loveliness and colour to be found if I look hard enough. And as always, my camera is around my neck, ready and waiting.

March 30, 2013   2 Comments

Little catch up…

Now, where was I? Am getting all muddled up with winter being here once more, not to mention confusion in the thermal undies department. Well, March was a month of birthdays, all over the place. Just before the wintry winds blew in, Dareth, Debs, the Hotpants and I headed out for a special birthday picnic by a river in splendid sunshiny, champagney loveliness….

Just before that, I had been involved in a bit of a frisky week, backstage with our schools “We Will Rock You” production. Wow, those kids were ┬ásomething again….

and I am now slightly embarrassed to recall that I too dressed up as a Bohemian for the last night party, complete with blue tipped hair. Oh dear.

My baby turned 14 years old (how?????) and skipped off on a school trip for a week

My big boy turned 19, he now has birthday cake AND a glass of wine….

Easter came and went amid cake, chocolate and chalking a girly masterpiece on the only white wall of our house. Of course.

May 2, 2012   No Comments