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Road to Nowhere….

I will tell you what I know. I know that the earth is not flat, I know that pigs do not fly, and I know that nuclear power is not safe.

I also know that sometimes women who would normally prefer the gentle art of sofa crochet to a rugged hike over rough terrain are driven by a passionate love of this land to do rather terrifying and crazy things. Like scale fences at nuclear power stations. It seems I may be one of those women.

So armed with my lucky pants, rescue remedy, and of course my crochet hook, I set off in the company of two rather fantastic and dear friends for a protest demo at Hinkley. Never mind that it was grey and rainy. I was much cheered by my splendidly foxy and totally pink wellingtons.

Along with a heavy police presence, and a team of Gurkhas and security guards with snapping dogs, I also came across some wonderful and inspiring activists who regularly take part in non-violent direct actions because their hearts tell them that protecting this precious earth for our children is the right thing to do.

EDF, the French company wanting to build a new nuclear reactor on this existing site, doesn’t have planning permission yet. But work has started already, despite this being an insane and lethal energy plan for our small island where renewable energy could thrive.

Friends, do you know how wildly tricky it is to climb a 7 foot high fence with barbed wire at the top? No, neither did I. My friend Kesty was awesomely intrepid and leapt over like a gazelle. Despite lots of shoving and pushing by security, she fell dramatically into the arms of cheering, waiting women.

Did you notice the wool? It seems that knitting and activism go together. Yaaaayyyy! It was a powerful and amazing event. Lots of people willing to join in a mass trespass even though they faced arrest. And I was one of them. One. Of. Them. I crossed a threshold in myself that I didn’t even know I had. And I am shining.

Of course I could not have done it without dear sisters holding me, being right there by my side, and not minding when I arrived over the fence and stupidly left my bags on the wrong side. What an amateur!!!! (Thank you Lisa for your patience and good humour yesterday, I hope me and my bobble hat didn’t compromise your activist cred…..). I tell you, I was so happy skipping across that meadow, doing a little victory dance to the cheers of the activists, that I nearly flashed my lucky pants at the police. Now that would have got me arrested.

You know, walking the lanes, up to the main gate, I saw the most beautiful hedgerows, alive with bramble, agrimony, fig wort, meadowsweet and chamomile. These are not blackberries you want to put in a pie though, with two dirty great nuclear reactors across the field, and a third one planned. So there the berries stayed. Unwanted, wasted. The pain of that was enough to make me cry.

But there are other ways. Alternative pathways, because we have wind turbines, solar thermal, wave power, people power and where energy is concerned we can learn to live with less.I believe that’s worth a shot.

This was a pretty exciting day for me. The day I not only jumped a fence, but stepped over a line in my own head, that had been telling me that everything is o.k, play by the rules, behave. Everything is not o.k, and never more so have we needed acts of civil disobedience to send a clear message out to the waiting world: ENOUGH.

So I salute you Theo Simon, Angie Zelter, Natalie Bennett (elected Green Party Leader), and all the other people who got us there, who cared enough. What a great camp, an inspiring day, and to round it off, as it so often does in my world, cake…..

October 9, 2012   9 Comments