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Show and tell…..(sshhhh!)

It’s that time of year again, down in Martha’s cabin where the stitcher’s hang out – the summertime Show and Tell, with lunch thrown in.

All the gals who have been in Martha’s sewing classes gather and we have a mutual swoon-fest over the gorgeous things we have been slaving over for the past weeks.

Yes, there is much sighing, and running of fingers over lush lush fabrics. There is adoration, and envy, and frankly there might even be a red-carpeted awards ceremony for all the fuss we make of each other and our stitchy pieces. And why ever not.

Followed by lunch with more gossiping and needle talk. Against the back drop of Martha’s wonderous garden (that the slugs never dare to go near).

All treacherous talk of biros and Pritt Stick forgotten (Martha won’t tolerate short cuts in her gentle journey to sewing perfection; quite right) we followed lunch with a little tea and a small amount of knitting.

What’s not to love?

July 15, 2011   No Comments