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V Day

“The greatest thing your’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return” – so begins one of my favourite films, Moulin Rouge. Following hot on the heels of Imbolc and pancake day is Valentines Day – o.k, I know, its a horrible Hallmark commercial nightmare….but love! Oh, its really the only thing that counts, isn’t it?

It is true that love may ‘weave strangely’ and we all have twists and turns in the journeys we make towards finding it. Who do we love and why? And how? So in the run-up to this love fest, my hands were busy with making little pieces of thank-yous for people I love, felted hellos for new sisters, hidden paintings for old ones.

There is close to home love, happening right here, where I am.

And then there is an ‘out in the world’ love, of a different kind. For Valentines Day has just been reclaimed by women. It is now V Day. 

One Billion Rising, started by Eve Ensler 14 years ago, is the most amazing call to women and men across the planet to rise up and use our collective strength and solidarity across the borders to refuse to accept violence against women and girls

One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. One billion women violated is an atrocity. One Billion women dancing is a Revolution.

Yes, it seems that hearts, flowers and chocolates are no longer going to cut it around here…time to get out the paint and step into a more proactive and vocal land of love…

And so what of this feminist tsunami? It is one women’s vision to dance an end to the violence, to shake the earth into awareness. Well, I am with her. And so too, millions of others today, across this wonderful earth of ours, in all its colourful diversity.

Did Stroud rise with the thousands of other cities, towns, and villages across the planet? You bet your red and black t-shirts and wiggling hips it did! We are Stroudies, we ‘do’ protest and drumming and mad dancing, and loud singing. And we do it well.

So this Valentines Day – this fabulous V Day – I have told my special loves that I love them, I have loved my friends, and danced and sung among the community I love, in the town that I love and call home. But most of all, my heart has almost burst with the thought of the love of sisters I will never know, but am willing to stride out for, to speak up for. Know that we see you, that you will never be alone with this. We will not stop until the day you are safe.

Together we are stronger.

February 14, 2013   4 Comments

Valentine Journey

here is my Valentine offering of love…..

My mother is packed and ready to fly several billion miles on her own, across oceans and mountains, to conquer Australia. And believe me friends, she will. In the most extraordinary way possible. Such is her intrepidness. But should that 72 year old fighting spirit fail her at any time, we are sending her off with a little package of love. Of course. It’s Valentine’s Day.

So, there is a spray bottle of mineral water with essential oils of grapefruit, rose and lavender (good for fending off crocodiles I am told); a tin of homemade wipes with oils of tea tree and lavender (handy if the spray doesn’t work and said croc has your leg off; clean the wound sort of thing) A homemade bottle of perfume with essential oils of hyacinth, rose, geranium, and chamomile. A chocolate bunny.

And for the waning soul, a bundle of 18 brown paper envelopes, each containing a photo, or a letter, or a drawing, or memory sketched – that may be opened in times of need. Hopefully they will last longer than the first two gin and tonics of the 27 hour flight. Journey well mum.

February 14, 2012   No Comments