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From the Ocean….Samhain Mists

We are here for one last time this year…always the sweetest trip, saying goodbye to my Ocean of the East for another season. Here is a little patchwork then of our days….who am I trying to kid? It is a stupidly HUGE patchwork….honestly people…stop me. Before I have someone’s eye out. It’s just that there is so much colour and sea fog, and autumn leaves, and oh…oh….

:: Skulking around Morston harbour, on the look out for crabs, and being wildly distracted by boats :: the gentlest of sea fogs comes down and enfolds us in grey quietness :: walking deserted beaches and silent creeks :: splashes of burnt orange and reds in my winter hat, sea buckthorn and more boats (all planned to match of course) :: woodlands full to bursting with fungi, with all the damp and wet we’ve been having :: a very big treat of homemade gluten free bread and raspberry jam (thank you Bad Jo and Gari) :: falling in love for the hundredth time with autumn birches (I am a Birch Sister, it is official) :: swishing through leaves in late afternoon light :: beach huts at Wells (I noticed one for sale with Sowerbys) :: enjoying sweet chestnut trees, not so many where I live :: beautiful cobwebs making me feel very witchy in a magic sort of way :: the pink wellies of all happiness :: harbour yellows :: seasons turning :: lots of woolly thinking, a gynormous plan emerges……

October 25, 2012   4 Comments

Prema – a sweet little outing

Continuing on my sparkly theme (can I? Is it O.K? You will tell me, won’t you….) I have this overdue little offering of art gallery bling.

In the days leading up to my recent REVOLUTION, I needed to fortify myself, and what better way than a small tripette to a charming little arts centre in the neighbouring valley of Uley with a couple of girlies.

This is Prema and it really is a centre of arty funkiness with workshops, performance, exhibitions and plenty of lovely gorgeous things for sale, as witnessed below….

Did you see those blankets? Did you? My girlfriends made me keep my hands firmly in my pockets. Especially as I was probably going to need bail money very shortly.

Lets get down to business. We were actually there to see the amazing work of a Bristol-based artist called Beci Whatley – beautifully intricate and madly colourful pieces that are made from layers and layers of paint, mirrors, gems and glitter. Whooohooo. They were exquisite and I loved them.

Hard to describe, but they were sort of Aboriginal art – meets Klimt – meets Art Deco – meets craziness. Right up my street.

We were so giddy that we had to beat a retreat to the rather red and ultra cool coffee shop below…..

…where we stilled our beating hearts with extra large cappuccinos and calming hot chocolates. It would have been rude not to.

It was ever-so-slightly tragic that I wasn’t able to get my eager chops around the array of homemade cakes that were on the counter (being a tad wheat-free at the moment), but the waitress saw my sad eyes and I do believe that extra chocolate was sprinkled in the direction of my drink. Love.

All in all, one very lovely little outing, two very lovely friends (and fab kids) and a break from every day-ness…isn’t that what its all about?

October 21, 2012   3 Comments

September Love

A patchwork of reasons to be loving September…..

:: One lovely and tough sunflower (of dozens planted) that made it through our monsoon summer – shining at me outside my window

:: Handknitted socks on their way to me, knitted by a best friend for my birthday

:: 10 weeks wheat free, and feeling so SO much better…particularly once I discovered a magical chocolate cake recipe (thanks Dom)

:: My front garden sitting prettily in September’s sunshine

:: A jar of homemade raspberry jam that the pixies left (o.k, my next door neighbour Gari) on my doorstep one afternoon

:: A fab party in our local apple orchard for my friend Susie – a tree bedecked with ribbons!

:: My birthday hat of all splendidness…..which I have been waiting for a break in the rain, to wear

:: Lots of great vegetables at our Stroud Community Supported farm which I visit each Wednesday morning

:: Sighing over my friend Jilly’s new vintage teaset business, and hiring out a cake stand myself for the Cake & Bake show

:: Feeling quite peachy about my tomatoes growing in the greenhouse, yay!

:: Laughing at our eccentric and quirky Country Fayre held at our local pub, the Crown & Sceptre

:: Cucumbers and Courgettes which will keep rolling in through September

:: My dear friends, packing cards like crazy, in the run up to a show, to help me out

:: Loving the fact that we have our own local spring with fresh, clear, ice cold water to fill bottles from

:: As small as my garden is, I have still managed to cram in an apple tree, cherry, apricot and plum….so apple crumble all round this   month

Thank you September, I love yooooooooooooooo!

September 25, 2012   2 Comments