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The Twinkling Time

Ah ha! You thought I really had been sitting on my bad ass on the sofa after last months wee confessional, didn’t you? Oh you faithless friends. No, I have been uncharacteristically focused and disciplined, after the idea sprang into my head to make all my christmas presents (foolish girl). So I wondered if you fancied a little wander around my stitchy offerings – goodness knows you will appreciate them more than my children will……so walk this way…..

Right, so the staple of the presents are….drum roll….lavender bags!! Yay, no surprises there. But despite the quantities I’ve made, they have actually been quite fun and easy, and my Husquavarna machine and I have only fallen out a couple of times in the making. I call that a result…

Next up, cushions for the boys…when it came down to it, common sense and compassion prevailed, I just couldn’t give my 15 year old and 20 year old a lavender bag each. I have shown no such mercy to my mother and certain friends however. Too bad amigos.

My goddaughter has a little hand painted sketchbook in a bag for all her best 7 year old thoughts (and they be many and wondrous); and here is the long awaited University blanket for our 19 year old daughter – which had been wildly behind schedule – so thanks to my sweet friend Dareth for all her help in getting it finished!

There are other presents, but they must remain secret (as their recipients read my bloggy offerings) and I’d hate to upset the Solstice elfves. I was lucky enough to have my own hand made present too, from the legendary Bad Jo, who made me a bag filled with everything I need to make a gluten free Sour Dough loaf of bread – oh marmite toast, you shall be mine once more…..happiness

So with presents done, there was just enough time for a little bit of a frisky adventure to London with my favourite bad girl and other equally deviant compadres (I clearly mean well behaved and nicely mannered friends) – and all was sparkly, fun and a million miles from that slave driving sewing machine….marvellous

Now I am back home again, in the Solstice time, breathing a little slower now that I know the light is returning. All is quiet and gentle and good.

The stockings are filled, tangerines assembled (love a good tangerine, or mandarin, I’m not fussy) and the tree decorated. It is time to sit back and be cosy, watch the light wherever it may fall in the house.

Let the twinkling time begin…Solstice blessings to you all…thank you for journeying with me down these B roads I seem to be taking, it is such a pleasure to share them with you. It has been a year of oceans, pink wool, awesome friends and the ubiquitous cake of all naughtiness. Love, love.

December 22, 2013   1 Comment

Tradition….our way

O.K, I am nearly done now….my inner Christmas faery is ready to wilt, and it is high time I began to channel the spirit of the inevitable post festivity hill runner to work off those naughty nightly glasses of Grand Marnier. Sigh. Here is a little patchwork of our crazy days, and our family traditions – which we make up each year, to be honest, as the mood grabs us….

:: Sherry and shortbread as the decorations get dusted down
:: From the outside looking in
:: A small witchy corner that is all mine
:: Christmas Eve supper
:: Baked oyster mushrooms, peppers, breadcrumbs and camembert cheese
:: Neighbours Katherine & Adrian bringing mulled wine and folk songs
:: Solstice walk among the pine trees and wondrous blue skies
:: Christmas day – oiking everyone out of the house for fresh air
:: Hiding in quiet, out of the way pubs
:: Christmas lunch chaos – shoehorning my mother out of the kitchen
:: The making of Peppermint Bark – surely the very best bit of our days…
:: Christmas Day supper – one angelic child, one less so…
:: The opening of our 6th annual Film Festival – a three day marathon
:: 1950’s homemade felt decorations from my American Godmother
:: Competition for the best seat gets tight

Last one standing, turn out the lights….

December 28, 2012   2 Comments


May this day be quiet enough to hear the drips gathering on the tips of leaves. May it be gentle enough to still fluttering hearts. May dreaming seeds, deep in the earth, sense our dearest prayers

As the Wheel turns once more, and as the light grows, may we love and respect the green that returns also. May we wisely use this still time of hibernation for listening, resting, quietly questioning.

May we find the people we most need, may we meet the world with love and new ways of being. Whilst honouring and embracing the darkness, may we also turn joyfully towards the light. Blessings on all that is seen, all that is unseen. All that is.

December 21, 2012   5 Comments