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Baby flakes….waiting

It’s a serious business, waiting for the snow. Waiting for any sort of weather is a serious business on this wee Isle of ours. So, the weekend is here, and I set up the sitting room for a spot of snow spotting, which of course has to include a cat, a hottie, an eiderdown and lots of cushions. Naturally.

It got icily cold, and a little blue outside my window. But still nothing. Time for a smackeral of lunch.

and a little bit of chilli chocolate biscuit baking for Ivi’s party tonight….

Log fire lit, and I am waiting on those baby flakes, the first of the season, to start. Things started to look promising outside…..

And despite the wild distraction of our washing machine breaking down and unceremoniously dumping its watery contents on the kitchen floor – ho hum – I. Was. Ready.

But you know the snowy ‘deal clincher’ of the day?? You know what totally brought in a blizzard?? It was our teenage daughter deciding to walk to a friends house two valleys over, in daft shoes, and no coat or hat. Did I twitch slightly from my ‘snow sitting’ place. You decide.

February 4, 2012   1 Comment